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      The term aphorism originates from late Latin aphorismus and Greek aphorismos.
      Repeat after me.
      Better safe than sorry is a piece of wisdom from Samuel Lover’s book, Rory O’More.
      There is no try.
      Sandys said, Honestie the best policie, which in modern English is…
      Want a few more.
      (I say these words to make me glad),
      Not only that, but you can use aphorisms in your writing to summarize your central theme.
      But one key difference is that for a phrase to be truly aphoristic, it needs to be a short statement.
      Your wish is my command.
      Fall seven times, stand up eight.
      Another example comes from Spider-Man, where Uncle Ben turns to Peter Parker and says, With great power comes great responsibility.
      Picture of Benjamin Franklin and a caption that says « Aphorist Extraordinaire »
      It’s easier to do it yourself rather than try to explain it to someone else.
      search bar with « what use aphorism. » written
      Your stories can benefit from this method too.

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      A change is as good as a rest Link to proverb.
      All the world loves a lover.
      The apple never falls far from the tree Link to proverb.
      The empty can that makes the most noise – It’s.
      There’s one born every minute Link to proverb.
      Darkest hour is just before the dawn – The.
      Ask no questions and hear no lies.

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      For everything there is a season Link to proverb.
      A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step Link to proverb.
      An army marches on its stomach.
      Two heads are better than one Link to proverb.
      It takes a thief to catch a thief.
      The cobbler always wears the worst shoes Link to proverb.
      You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

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